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I'm participating in extemporaneous speech. How does this work online?
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  1. Find your pairings on
  2. Go to the Extemp page under the Speech tab on Casacde Commons. Join the PREP-101 room. Wait here until your speaker number is called.
  3. Once your speaker number is called, the extemp prep coordinator will initate a process through which the system will email you your extemp questions. The email that you'll receive your questions in will be the same one you used to signup for an account.
  4. Once you receive your extemp questions via email, you have 30 minutes to prepare your speech.
  5. Once your preparation time is up, go back to the Extemp page on Cascade Commons and click the "Enter Room" button for the room that you were assigned on your Tabroom pairings.
  6. Once you are in you room, it's just like in-person tournaments! Your judge will have the list of questions and they'll ask you which question you're going to be giving a speech on. You'll give your speech and the judge will judge your speech. Feel free to stay behind and watch other extemp speeches -- just make sure your video and mic are turned off!

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