added by tanush_yadav Dec 9, 2020
I'm participating in a debate event, such as Public Forum (PF), Lincoln Douglas (LD) or Policy (CX). What do I do???
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by tanush_yadav

Answer: Check the schedule page to see when your pairings will be released. At the appropriate time, go to the page for the tournament and find your room number. Then, go to the correct wing/page on Cascade Commons that corresponds to your event. For example, if I was competing in LD and my Tabroom pairing said I was in room number 101, I would go to the LD page on Cascade Commons. Finally, click the "Enter Room" button on that page that corresponds to your room. For example, since my room number was 101, I would click the "Enter Room" button that's under the LD-101 label!

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