I'm judging impromptu. What do I need to do?
added by tanush_yadav Dec 7, 2020 in Synchronous Speech
  1. Find your pairings information (i.e. your room number and the competitors you will be judging) on Tabroom.com. 

  2. Go to the "Impromptu" page under the Speech tab. Join the Teams meeting for the room that you will be judging.

  3. Go to the "Impromptu Judges" page under the Speech tab. Wait for about 10 seconds. Click on the 'verify identity' then 'access page' buttons so we can verify that you are a judge.

  4. In in-person tournaments, you would have a piece of paper with the speech topics that you would hand out to each competitor. During online tournaments, this process will be replaced by the system sending the competitor an email with speech topics. So, when a competitor is ready, you will select the round number and speaker number from the dropdown menus, and then select the school and name of the competitor that's about to give a speech. Then, click the "search participants" button, then the "ready to send?" button, then the "click to send button". It will take about 5-15 seconds for the competitor to recieve the email. Once the competitor has recieved the email with the speech topics, you may start their time.

  5. Make sure you either refresh the page or click the "Clear Search" button at the bottom of page before repeating this process for the next speaker
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